When installing a toilet, you may figure it to take several hours to do so. If you are replacing an older toilet with a new one, you may not have to worry about running drainpipes or extending your supply pipes, otherwise you will have to do these things or contact a plumbing contractor to help you with a toilet installation.
If you are replacing a toilet, you will need to remove the old one; to do this you will unbolt the tank from the bowl. Hold the mounting bolt from the inside of the tank with a screwdriver, while loosening the nut below the tank with a wrench. Next, pry the caps off the hold down bolts and remove them. Rock the bowl back and forth gently and the seal between the toilet and the floor will break free. Once you have the toilet removed, put a rag inside the drainpipe to reduce noxious gases from entering the house, although you may want to open a window for some fresh air.